Welcome to National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences

The National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences (NISWASS) was born in the Year 1971. NISWASS is an evolution in itself and has brought a sea change in all aspects of its operations from communication to research; from projection to implementation. NISWASS operates its own communication branch that strengthens understanding and improves goodwill between service providers and target population. It will be seen thus far that each Department has a need-based, step-by-step evolution. Measured growth and steady progress have made NISWASS a Trust in itself.

Vision : Establishment of a humane, just, equal, inclusive and ideal social order.

Mission : Focus on the liberation of the oppressed and transformation of the society guided by humanism and compassion through pragmatic voluntarism.

Values : NISWASS postulates six basic values in keeping with its vision and mission.

  • To develop the self along nobler principles of life and lore.

  • To possess clear conviction and firm faith in the dignity, worth and creative power of the individual of any caste, colour, religion or belief system.

  • To surrender to the basic tenets of universal truth and social norms of mutuality, amity and understanding.

  • To cultivate high standards of personal ethics and morals, greater regard and respect for those who are in need or otherwise ignored or neglected in the family or the society.

  • To observe strictly the lessons of humility and amiability, and persevere in practising virtues of self-knowledge, self-control and tolerence of differences and dissimilarities.

  • To promote peace, happiness and joy in work with a positive disposition and helpful attitude towards one and all.