The basic objectives of the Dalit Literature and Art Academy are to develop and establish the sense and spirit of the people through the Literature and Art for establishing the egalitarianism in the Society. The Academy gives importance to the causes of Dalits who are being ignominiously deprived of from getting the social, economic and political justice and are found exhibited in the Literature and Art as an instrument of Humiliating elements of the Society from the long runs. It is an established fact that they have been playing an important role in the productive and constructive affairs of the Society and have achieved the significant position in the matters of education, sports and culture.

In this respect the Academy is giving importance to the Literature and Art and organizing seminars, exhibitions, conferences and symposiums every year for giving encouragement to the writers, poets, artists and painters. For their excellent and best performances in the respective subjects, they have been honoured with certificate and cash prizes in the Annual functions of the Institute. In addition to this the Academy felicitates students from Dalit and Tribal communities with certificate and cash rewards who secure the top position in the final Board Examination. A Conference of Dalit Writers was organised on 26th February in the premises of NISWASS. A total of 20 participants from different parts of state of Odisha participated in it. The conference had the objective of discussing on various potentialities, problems and existing situation of the Dalit Writers. Concept of “Dalit Writing” was also clarified in the conference.