One of the specific characteristics of NISWASS is its continuous engagement in the forefront of Social research concerning the marginalized populations in the state of Odisha. In 2011, NISWASS established its Centre for Social Research (CSR) to support and augment the research activities of its various Departments, Centres and Projects. The specific mandate is to carry out pre-action, processual and evaluative studies intended for advocacy, policy making and plan formulation. The research here concentrates on Tribals, Dalits and Minority Groups, Ethnographic Enquiries, Rural Transformation,Social Conflicts, Movements and Riots, Urban and Regional Planning, Literature and Social Consciousness, Human Resource Development (Education and Health) etc. Along with multi-disciplinary research, the Centre has also lent its support to the students in various departments towards completing their Master’s and Doctoral dissertations. The Center offers a research environment with an array of research opportunities and options, facilities, and fosters a rigorous and independent research environment to ensure objective, relevant and unbiased analyses.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • “Educational Status of the Schedule Tribes in Odisha: Attainment and Challenges”, sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi.

  • The ICSSR is carrying out a nationwide study on the “Educational status of SCs and STs :
    Attainments and Challenges”. Apart from ascertaining out their educational status, this study aims to find out in particular problems associated with issues of discrimination and social exclusion. NISWASS is carrying out the study “Educational Status of the Schedule Tribes in Odisha: Attainment and Challenges”.

Research Studies Completed During the Year

  • Study on Kharia tribe of Odisha.

  • Study on Ganda (SC) Community of Odisha.

Seminars / Workshops / Training Programmes conducted

  • A two day training programme for Research Investigators was conducted on 15th and 16th January, 2013.

Research Infrastructure

  • Well Equipped office

  • Three computers with Internet facility

  • Networks for communication and Collaboration

  • Information systems and databases

  • Statistical software