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Brief Description of the Course

It has been found out that Pali language has made significant contribution in redrawing the Social, Economic and Political fabric of India. The Most important Buddhist inscriptions and rock edicts in India are written in Pali language. So learning Pali opens an avenue to the store house of Buddhist knowledge and wisdom-learning of this language is absolutely essential for research students of history philosophy archaeology besides Buddhist studies. Therefore National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences Bhubaneswar has decided to introduce Pali language as a certificate course with a duration of 6th month. The course offers following papers:

  • Pali grammar : sanna, Sandhi, karaka

  • History of Pali language and literature :

    • Linguistic Position of Pali Language

    • Origin of Pali

    • Home land of Pali

  • Classification of Buddha Vacchana

    • Sutta Pitaka

    • Vinaya Pitaka

    • Abhiddhamma Pitaka

  • Development of Pali Commentarial literature and major Pali Commentators :

    • Buddhadatta, Buddhaghosa, Dhammapala

  • Non canonical and Non Commentarial Pali literature

    • Milindapanho, Nettipakarana, Petakopades

Job Opportunities :
  • Research Officers

  • Assistant Professor in Various Universities of India

Duration –One year

Course Schedule – The Classes will be held on every Monday and Friday from 11.00 am to 1.00 P.M at NISWASS-3 ChandrasekharPur, Bhubaneswar

Eligibility – Candidates with Bachelor Degree in any discipline

Course Fee – 3,000/-

Certification – After completion of one year candidate will be provided certificate by the Institute

Course Coordinator – Dr. Praveen Kumar, Asst. Professor, NISWASS

Mobile No. – 0720554546

Office Phone No. – (0674) 2300135, 2300052