NISWASS has undertaken the training of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes youth in computer operation. With the increasing trend towards computerization in various fields this course has been devised to prepare the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes youth for taking advantage of the newly created opportunities. The duration of the training is six months. The training will qualify them for computer-related jobs. The Centre has access to NICNET at all India level and also Inter-net and E-mail facilities. NISWASS has recently set up a Production-cum-Training Centre with a Web-offset Printing Machine, a Sheet-fed Offset Printing Machine, Computers, DTP and Paper-craft Machines. In all 50 Scheduled Castes and Tribes persons receive training every year in Computer, Printing and Paper-craft Technology. The Production-cum-Training Centre is headed by a Senior Manager in the rank of a Professor. NISWASS has designed a course to train young people for a Diploma in Computer Applications.

Computerising the various activities

With the help of the Department of Electronics, Planning Commission, Government of India, NISWASS has established a link with the National Informatics Centre (NICNET) at Bhubaneswar. A computer terminal has been set up in NISWASS and has started data processing functions with the help of NICNET.

Computerising the data and building up bibliographical records have started. The entire library is sought to be computerised for which action has been initiated. The project operations have also been planned to be carried through computers.