“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild


  • To create a gender sensitive society

  • To give recognition to the voice of women

  • To be an agency of change by removing gender disparities


1. M.A. in Women’s Studies

This is a two years full time course affiliated to Utkal University of Culture with an annual intake capacity of 30 students. The courses of studies includes Gender Studies; Theories of Feminism; Women’s Movement In India; Indian Women and society, education, work, technology, development, politics,law, health, environment etc.

2. Post Graduate Diploma Course in Gender Studies

This is a one year full time course with an annual intake capacity of 30 students.

3. Certificate course in HIV and Family Education

The course is offered by the department under IGNOU Convergence Scheme.

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/ Training programmes attended; Publications and Paper presentations; Honours and Awards of the Faculty members

Prof. P. Yasodhara

  • Presented papers under UGC programme related to Geriatrics, girl child crisis, and Women Empowerment in Kamala Nehru College, Sathya Sai Women’s College, Institute of Media Studies, Bhubaneswar, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and MIGNESIRA, Hyderabad during the year 2012.

  • Series of lectures at CYSD to SHG groups conducted by Department of Women and Child,Government of Odisha.

  • Resource person in all GFATM Counsellors’ Refreshers Programmes.

  • Resource person in academic staff college, Utkal University in the Departments of Psychology and Sociology.

Seminars and Workshops Organised by the Department

  • Organised a seminar on “Women and Law” by Prof. Praveen Pattanaik, Law College, Utkal University on the eve of 101st International Women’s Day held on 8th March 2012 at Ambedkar Lecture Hall, NISWASS.

  • A Workshop was organised on, “Sexual harassment of a Young girl in Guwahati, Assam,” on 14th July 2012 at Ambedkar Lecture Hall, NISWASS.

  • Organised a Workshop on, “Problems of the Elderly” on 1st October 2012 at Ambedkar Lecture Hall, NISWASS.

Research Projects

The students were assigned with project work on different topics relating to gender issues Problems of Women,Women and HIV/AIDS, Women Empowerment through New Agricultural Policy,Study on Discrimination among Disabled Women, Study on Dowry Victims, Status of Women Journalists in Media, Role of SHGs in Women Empowerment, Representation of Women in Print and Visual Media in Odisha, Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons with special reference to Women, Women and Health,Women and Education.