Ambedkar Memorial Lecture-2014, on The “Caste and Power:
Emerging Patterns and Perspectives”

Prof. Surinder S. Jodhka

Ambedkar Memorial Lecture-2013, on The “Deficits of India’s
Social Transformation: The Missing Subaltern Perspective”


Right to Education
Smt. Usha Padhi IAS, Commissioner-cum-Secretary,
Department of School and Mass Education presenting
a paper on “Right to Education: Attainments and
Challenges” in the context of the state of Odisha at
a symposium organized by the Ambedkar Chair in
Social Work, NISWASS on the 1st of March 2014

On the Duality of Life Link
Shri. Niten Chandra. IAS in a wise humble
and down to earth manner speaks about the inner
journey to which we are all called to engage
in for the improvement of self and society

On Community Enterprise System link
Shri. Niten Chandra. IAS introduces the Community
Enterprise System (CES) model. With the help of actual
experiences he develops a convincing argument for
re-building communities as the corner-stone for both
building goodness within people and achieving
development goals.

Inaugural Address
Shri. Niten Chandra IAS, Shri. Niten Chandra IAS
delivers the inaugural address in a training on designing
sustainable Community Enterprise Systems, to an
audience of resource persons from the Centre
for Modernizing Government Initiative (CMGI)
and the Art of Living.