NISWASS offers Hostel facilities to its women students coming from parts of the state. Admission in student’s hostels shall be granted to the most meritorious ones across various Faculties, Departments and Centers. A Hostel Welfare Association comprising of residents help the administration in maintaining clean, healthy, vibrant atmosphere on the campus. Residents actively participate in various Cultural activities, games/ sports, seminars, debates and discussion etc.

In view of limited hostel accommodations, the candidates should note that their admission to NISWASS does not guarantee allotment of hostel accommodation and so far NISWASS is providing hostel accommodation only to girls. Girl students from outside of the respected localities of NISWASS institution are more likely to get hostel accommodation in the first year itself, subject to availability of seats in the hostel. Annual hostel charges are payable in advance at the time of allotment. It will be incumbent upon the student admitted to the hostel to join the mess. Mess fee may be revised at any time due to escalation in the prices of essential commodities. The students admitted to the hostel are entitled to stay in the hostel during the academic session only and are required to vacate the rooms during the summer vacations for maintenance work. Students are also not allowed to install air-conditioners or any other electric appliances requiring high energy consumption.

It may also be noted that NISWASS does not have provision of accommodation for married students who intend to stay with their family. They have to make their own arrangements outside the campus. Private accommodation around the university campus may be available on rent.