NISWASS has a growing library. It is small, yet functional and has latest publications in the relevant fields which engage the faculty and students. It offers students, staff, research scholars and visitors, a good selection of books on Social Work and social sciences. Aware of the fact that Social Work is a multi-disciplinary subject and keeping in view the readers’ need, we are trying to widen its reference and issue sections. We have already embarked upon a process of modernization,

upgradation and linking with other libraries. With the expansion of the different departments in the Institute, the volume of books in the library is growing fast. The total collection of books is 20,000. The number of periodicals both from India and abroad being subscribed by in all the three centers viz. Bhubaneswar, Sundergarh and Phulbani is about 100. The library is part of the UGC-INFLIBNET and through it offers a whole range of e-journals and e-books.

They cover a wide range of subjects from economics, demography, culture, occupation, attitude, leadership, perception, aspiration, development, motivation, management etc. Most of the data including village data of the entire state having more than 50 villages have been updated upto 2001.

The data holding unit of the Institute is not only meant to cater to the needs of staff and students, but also is thrown open to interested public and made available to research scholars. Most of our studies were cross-sectional, having historical, social, psychological, financial and cultural implications. The studies had new objectives and strategies in the context of accelerating the development process of the State in general and vulnerable or weaker sections of the population in particular. These relate to community and regional studies, with specific reference to social and economic development in various scenarios including science and technology, micro-level planning, social inputs, forests and environment, conditions of women and children, effects of development etc.

The data were collected mainly from two sources : primary and secondary. The data have their sources not only in the Census handbooks, but also other publications besides newspapers, bulletins etc.

With the help of the Department of Electronics, Planning Commission, Government of India, NISWASS has established a link with the National Informatics Centre (NICNET) at Bhubaneswar. A computer terminal has been set up in NISWASS and has started data processing functions with the help of NICNET. Computerising the data and building up bibliographical records has been started.

Documentation Activities

Its primary purpose is to collect and document relevant material on various themes in Social Work, Social Communication and related fields. The following are some of the activities being carried out in the Institute :

1. Documentation in Social Work (DSW) and Social Communication (DSC) related fields, monthly,quarterly and yearly magazines and journals are brought out in bound volumes for back references.

2. The Newspaper Clippings service has been continuing. Regularly fifteen newspapers are scanned to select items of interest to this Institute.

3. We have reference/issue services based on catalogue and classification, for easy services for faculty and students.

4. From 1993-94, we have started documentation and collection of books on Dalit Literature for the Ambedkar Chair.

5. We have started NISWASS Study Circle, where both the students and staff of the Institute take part.

6. The library has photocopy facilities.