Javier Olivan will be the new COO of META, know about them

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook that the new COO of Meta would be Javier Olivan. Javier Olivan to replace Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl was META’s COO for the past 14 years. Let me tell you that Javier Olivan is not new to Meta, he has been working for Facebook for 15 years.

meta coo Javier Olivan

Javier has contributed a lot to the progress of Facebook, he has worked very hard to improve Facebook i.e. Meta from behind the scenes for the last 15 years.

Before becoming the COO of Meta, Javier Olivan was working as the Chief Growth Officer for the Meta platform. Working for Meta, Javier Olivan has developed a lot of social platforms including Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram.

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Prior to joining the Meta company, Xavier Olivan was working as a product manager for Siemens Mobile. Olivan studied at Stanford University where he earned an MBA degree as well as an electrical and industrial engineering degree from Navarra University. have taken.

Javier Olivan is originally from North Spain and did most of his studies from there. Olivan started working as International Growth Head in 2007 and it’s been 15 years since he worked for Facebook. When he joined the Facebook company, Facebook had 40 million users and today Facebook, Instagram and other apps together have a total of 3.6 billion users.

While in his position, Facebook has expanded and developed a lot in countries like India, Russia, Japan, Brazil and Indonesia. As before, Javier Olivan is also looking after the growth of Infra and Corporate Development, adding advertising and corporate products to his portfolio.

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